Christoph Hochstrasser

Meet the php-build core team

Over the past half year I’ve noticed that issues and pull requests start piling up and are taking often even weeks to resolve on the php-build project. Due to this I’ve decided to form the php-build Core Team.

Let’s welcome Loïc Frering and Rogerio Prado de Jesus with a warm hug as the two new members of the core team!

Loïc Frering was the first contributor to php-build, and it wouldn’t power the PHP support of Travis CI without him! He is the glue between php-build and Travis CI.

Rogerio Prado de Jesus practically contributed nearly every single one of the definitions for PHP versions of the last year and the necessary pieces to test php-build on Travis CI.

I want also to take this chance to thank all past contributors who donate their time to php-build! You are awesome!

What about me?

I will still try to be involved in the big decisions in the project, but from now on Loïc and Rogerio have the major say in the development.

This hopefully means that new PHP versions will be available much faster in php-build, because they can be released without a need for me. This should also mean that the quality of php-build will increase, and on other projects as well.