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To this day my post about socket programming in PHP was viewed 45.685 times.

It’s an article about the basics of socket programming in PHP, and how to get on the right track. I thought this was interesting.

Then I thought back, how I struggled with this concept when I started out programming, nearly 10 years ago. Servers are mindblowing at first.

  1. There are two ways to do this in PHP. And you have to discover the pleasant way yourself (it’s not the obvious one).
  2. You need to know some networking terminology to understand it properly, which is often omitted in programming books. Especially in books about programming in PHP.
  3. The PHP manual is often aweful to read. Good, simple, and tweakable examples are hard to come by.
  4. We are used to the fact that PHP starts from fresh memory on each request, servers are so entirely different.

So this sucks. Let’s fix this.

What if you had a book, that…

  1. tells you the right way to approach socket programming in PHP.
  2. starts bottom up, beginning with the basic networking terminology.
  3. provides simple, tweakable examples, which you can use as a base for your stuff.
  4. and has someone who is available for all your questions, if you are stuck.

The little PHP Socket Programming Handbook

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This package is best suited for consultants or agencies which have a specific use case and want a pointer on how to get there quickly. I’ll talk with you about your use case. You can ask everything about socket programming and I’ll try to get you into the right direction.

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