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Over the last year I’ve begun building a consulting business on my own. Finally I came around to building a proper site for it.

A blog post about the experience is coming soonish.

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“How to choose a CMS for your next project”

Had to choose a CMS for a project lately? It’s a pain. So many options, finite time. The nagging voice in your head which asks “Does the choice come to bite me later on when we are deep into development?” adds to the anxiety.

Been there.

Me and people I work with had the frequent problem of deciding on the best CMS for the project at hand. I thought that this info could surely be valuable for other people too. So I made a quick ebook this week.

It features my criteria for selecting a system, as well as a look at my favorite options, like Static Site Generators, WordPress, Drupal and Perch. It’s aim is to chart the main options that are out there, but also provide an overview of some lesser known options.

First 10 buyers get an exclusive 20% off today by using the code “LAUNCH” at checkout.

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