Christoph Hochstrasser

2013 Report

Open Source

Early 2013 I’ve contributed my Stack/UrlMap middleware component to the Stack project and became a member of the organization. Besides that I was not really active in this project due to personal reasons, which I plan to improve in 2014.

In mid 2013 I’ve launched my take on a PHP Buildpack for Heroku with 74 stars and 46 forks in 2013. It became the default PHP buildpack in Dokku and was even recognized by Heroku. Not a bad start.

Thank you Peter van Hardenberg for the lovely chats and the Heroku swag pack!

My most popular project of all time is still php-build with 283 stars and 38 forks, followed by phpenv with 225 stars.

Web Site

In 2013 I made two major iterations on the design of the site. The site is now responsive and the articles are front and center. I’ve also laid the foundations for writing shorter and more frequent posts.

Some numbers:

  • 21355 visits with 16401 unique visitors. This is 30.11% less1 than in 2012.
  • Returning visitors is up to 23.4% from previously 10.9%
  • Average visit duration did improve about 300%
  • Average Bounce rate improved to about 33% instead of 91%2
  • 7 posts published
  • 3 draft posts still in the queue

The most popular posts of 2013:

  1. PHP Socket Programming done the Right Way with 19091 visits
  2. Closure Object Binding in PHP 5.4 with 1727 visits
  3. PHP Unix Programming with 1705 visits

In browsers Chrome and Firefox switched positions, and Safari gained 1.41%. This is in line with the decreasing market share of Firefox overall. It’s sad, but Mozilla needs to fix their browser to be a worthy contender to Chrome.

# Browser 2013 2012
1. Chrome 55.37% 26.44%
2. Firefox 31.44% 59.87%
3. Safari 6.31% 4.90%

Operating System wise Windows is still dominating but both Mac and Linux support increased. Surprisingly Linux took the 2nd place from the Mac this year. I didn’t see this coming. Most developers I know on a personal basis continue to switch from Linux to Mac.

# Operating System 2013 2012
1. Windows 57.71% 68.54%
2. Linux 18.34% 10.22%
3. Mac 17.27% 12.60%
4. iOS 3.44% 3.07%
  1. This is largely because in 2013 I’ve stopped syndicating my posts to Hacker News, because the generated traffic isn’t worthwile. I’ve observed much higher bounce rate and less visit duration for vistors coming from Hacker News. 

  2. This is the average of 2013. I deployed a fix to record bounce rates more accurately in mid 2013 and since then it averages around 8-15%. See this post for more info.